Almond Butter Cup


Juice Warrior was established to help people easily integrate healthy, plant-based nutrition into a busy life. We are best known for our organic, cold-pressed juices but we also make creative nutrient dense treats without additives, preservatives or refined sugars. We use minimal, consciously sourced ingredients of premium quality.

Almond Butter Cup is a delicious plant-based treat made from healthy wholefoods rich in fibre and protein while being gluten and refined sugar free. Each pack contains 2 single butter cups.

This product has a shelf life of 5-6 weeks when delivered. We also recommend that they are stored and displayed in a refrigerator as they contain no binders, additives or preservatives meaning they can be perish if not refrigerated. FREE delivery to anywhere in the UK.

Ingredients: organic almonds, organic coconut butter, organic coconut flour, organic pea protein, organic coconut nectar, organic maple syrup, organic cacao, sea salt