Why Raw?

Raw, defined.

Raw is any food, or juice that was never altered from its original form, as in cooked, heated, or steamed.   Raw juice essentially means unpasteurised.

Raw juice lasts up to four days when stored in your fridge.

At Juice Warrior we believe in producing only the best raw, organic and fresh juice.  Fresh juice isn’t made to last!

Why Juice Raw?

95% of all juices sold in UK are pasteurised.  Meaning they’ve been heated or treated.  During pasteurisation, the heat breaks down vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids.  Fresh, raw juice leaves all the nutrients ready to take the express route to your bloodstream for your body to absorb, make use of and turn into energy and fuel.

What is HPP? 

In the juice world, High Pressure Processing (HPP), is another alternative to pasteurisation. 

High Pressure Pasteurized Juice is NOT the same as freshly made, raw, enzyme rich, nutrient dense juice. A standard raw juice lasts 4 days but HPP juice lasts up to 30-45 days.

Our juice will always be fresh as we know fresh tastes best!

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