Recycle Incentive




WHY GLASS?Recycled Bottles

At Juice Warrior we are committed to RESPECTING OUR ENVIRONMENT and minimising our carbon footprint. Therefore all of our local cleanse and shop orders are done in glass. Although plastic bottles are cheaper and easier to handle, we are aware that every bit of plastic ever made still exists today. Even though a lot of plastic is recyclable, a lot of it ends up on LANDFILLS and in the OCEAN. Some plastics can also leech harmful chemicals into the liquid they’re holding, so health-wise it just isn't the best option. 


We also RE-USE our bottles when possible because we believe that it is the most energy efficient form of recycling. If you complete a cleanse and return your bottles to us on your next delivery, you will receive £3 OFF YOUR NEXT ORDER. This is our way of saying THANK YOU for putting the planet first. Just let us know in advance so we can apply it to your invoice. This only applies to local deliveries so please remember to recycle yourself if you’re further away. They also make charming vases and sauce containers!



All courier orders have to be done in BPA-free, recyclable plastic. We tried to use glass for several months but unfortunately it was too risky and there were breakages. You can also request your local orders to be delivered in plastic but of course, please make sure you recycle every bottle.