Customer Testimonials

"After cleansing with Juice Warrior for 10 consecutive days I feel clean, full of energy and it has completely renewed my relationship with food. I originally done it as I was feeling unsatisfied after meals and the wonderful variety, taste and volume of juice kept me full and happy for the whole duration. After spending a lot of time researching the different companies around Glasgow it was clear how far superior Juice Warrior is. Their support and advice was second to none. They advised a vegan diet before starting the cleanse and I believe that is the reason I was able to benefit so much from doing it. 10 days with no food can seem a lot but they were always there if I needed help or had any questions; even bringing me my juice late in the evening so I could have it for work the next day! A truly fantastic service that I will not hesitate to use again."



"Thanks so much for the juices! Feel so much better after my 3 days and will definitely be a repeat customer! So easy to do and your communication/service has been awesome!"



"I'm besotted with Juice Warrior. They make hands down the best tasting most lively vibrant raw juices I've ever tasted with far more flavour and true green options than most places plus various freshly made nut mylks.

There are colourful fruity juices for those with a sweet tooth, but if you want the full nutritional benefits a juice can offer they have the best range of green ones of any business I've encountered. There really is something green for everyone - from a newbie needing eased in, to a hardcore veg lover.

I love that they are truly Organic and bottled in glass not plastic (and you can return your bottles for reuse because they care about every aspect of being clean and green).

My particular favourite juice at the moment is 'Element' with added probiotics. When I drink it I can feel it's aliveness perking up the cells in my body. Whenever I'm feeling tired or run down I know that their green juices will make me feel better.

Oh, and they have really great snacks, salads and treats in the shop too, plus delicious probiotic fizzy Kombucha from Left Field. I feel so so lucky to have somewhere like this in Edinburgh at last."


"I felt much better, slept better and had a flatter tummy! All good!"


"My favourite juices were the green juices which surprised me a little. The experience was flawless from start to end, great fast ordering system, delivery was fab and the product exceeded my expectations. My first order will certainly not be my last order!"


"Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your juices and what a great service you are providing. I have MS and lack of sleep can really have an impact on my body but the green juices kept me going and helped me stay focused. I had the best night’s sleep that I have had in ages! To juicing and beyond!"


"This was AWESOME!"


"I think you're doing an amazing job and I'm just so happy that wellness seems to be catching on up here! I LOVED the vanilla dream I could drink that all day! Close second definitely Pillar Box again I'd drink that for the sheer pleasure not just the nutritional benefit!"


"The presentation is really nice when you open the case... small touches like the straws and string-wrapped tea bags shows a real personal touch and care that the brand have. Thank you :) Also the literature and FAQs included were thorough and really concise. I've been drinking raw cold-press for a few years now and it's definitely good to always reinforce an awareness of the benefits, particularly for people going on a juice fast and the discipline that can take. I'm really, really impressed with the quality, flavour, freshness and chill of the delivery! If you're able to continue shipping to the UK I will be back as a very, very regular customer!"


"I was really impressed with the juices thanks and will certainly be using your company again for my next detox.  The juices kept well in the fridge and I liked the variety of juices. I have recommended you to my friends and colleagues."


"I loved the juice cleanse, the instruction pack that came with it was really helpful. And I thought the juice itself where all really tasty and made me feel better after doing the cleanse. And as all the juice where quite big I wasn't hungry during the three days. I think the price was really fair as many places I look at where nearly double the price, and I could not justify that!"


"I actually really enjoyed it, as it was my first attempt at a juice cleanse I’m happy I made it through! I found this first day quite difficult and I was quite hungry, but I decided to sleep early and I had a lot of energy on the second day, and didn’t feel overly hungry that day or the third day. The juices got nicer as the days went by, I found them quite filling, so on some days I maybe only drank 3 or 4 instead of the 5 (and drank the leftovers on the day following the cleanse) but I’d say that’s a lot better than the juices not filling me up. The tea was a nice addition as I felt too full to drink a juice late at night, and I found they kind of emptied/settled my stomach. I feel a lot better having done it, and it’s helped me become conscious of how food makes me feel, I’ve actually just come home from the shops with a bag full of fruit/veg!"


"I genuinely believe the ginger shots helped me get over my cold. I had so much more energy once I started taking them. Well done. Great packaging and great taste."


"The juices were perfect, just what I hoped for, and your customer service was excellent. I was very impressed with everything, so it's a 10/10 from me!"


"The first day was the hardest and the ginger shot nearly killed me! But my taste buds soon got used to the taste of ginger. The 2nd and 3rd day were pretty easy and I really began to enjoy the juices. They were so fresh and I especially enjoyed the sweet beet.  Overall I enjoyed my first juice cleanse experience. The juices were so fresh and I really do feel the better for doing it. I would definitely do the cleanse again in the future."