Why Cold Pressed?

Why Juice?
Juicing means easy absorption of nutrients directly into your blood stream. This means our juices will help to:

- Give you an immediate energy boost
- Give your body a rest from constant digestion
- Help alkalise your body
- Make it easier to get your daily fruit and veg requirements

Baring these benefits in mind; it is important to remember not all juice is created equal. We use hydraulic cold-press juicers that are different from at-home centrifugal juices.

Why Cold-Pressed?
It’s COLD because we work without heat or hot spinning blades. No heat and pasteurisation means no oxidation resulting in a juice denser in nutrients and enzymes.  

It’s PRESSED because we pack fruits and vegetables into cloths and then apply an enormous amount of hydraulic pressure. Not only does this keep the good stuff in tact but it gets every last drop out of the produce