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What is a juice cleanse/fast/feast?

The word 'detox' has been used and abused by companies for years now. So we're not going to pretend our juice will 'detox' you of all health problems and make you superhuman. The concept of juice cleansing isn't trying to refute that our bodies have their own inbuilt detox system - the liver! It's merely acknowledging that sometimes our bodies need a break from our diets if they consist of a lot of processed foods, alcohol and caffeine. Alcohol and processed foods, especially meats and dairy are harder for our bodies to digest and they naturally make our livers work harder. So this isn't about saying 'DETOX - YOU NEED TO!', it's just about giving your body a helping hand so it's better at doing what it's meant to be doing. Fresh, cold pressed juice is digested almost instantly and doesn't put any stress on your liver at all. The micronutrients and enzymes in the raw juice are naturally going to make you feel a lot healthier, but it's about skipping the usual diet mistakes and giving your body a chance to rebalance.  Hence a juice cleanse is more about what you're leaving out. You will feel de-bloated, lighter and generally more energetic. We're aware that there is a lot of scaremongering and empty words thrown about in regards to 'detoxing' so we want to be as authentic as possible and encourage people to do their own research. There are countless success stories in regards to fasting and it's not a new concept at all.
Can I eat anything?
This is a personal choice. Many people cleanse using raw juices and as well eating simple salads and fruits. Others don't eat solid food at all and feel they benefit spiritually as well as physically. We don't believe it has to be 'all or nothing' and combining juice with raw fruit, veg and nuts is still going to be beneficial for your body. If you do choose to eat salads avoid adding processed meats/dairy/tofu. These are too heavy for a time when you are trying to give your digestive system a break. We personally think it's best to juice until dinner and then have a massive plant based meal. It's not about deprivation, but about eating more of the right stuff.
Can I drink coffee on cleanse?
It isn't recommended. We don't believe coffee is the devil incarnate like many, but it does make your body work harder than usual because it's a stimulant. This is obviously not something you want while detoxing. If you are a heavy coffee drinker and simply must have a coffee - try cutting down to just one small black coffee during your cleanse. Try to bear in mind that coffee affects people in different ways. Some are very sensitive to it and can feel sick drinking it on an empty stomach; whereas others are more tolerant.
Can I drink black tea on cleanse?
Same as above, but please don't drink with cow's milk! Green tea also contains caffeine so same rules apply here. Herbal and fruit teas are very welcome during your cleanse. Peppermint, nettle, fennel, turmeric, lemon and ginger teas are especially great additions. We tend to add a couple of herbals teas to your order in case you don't have any.
Can I smoke and drink alcohol during cleanse?
Please try not to. The intake of toxins would defeat the purpose.
What is dry body brushing?
We suggest you try dry body brushing during your juice cleanse. This technique helps boost your circulation and lymphatic system, and in turn helps skin conditions like Keratosis Pilaris and cellulite. Your skin is your largest organ so it plays a key role in the elimination of toxins. Dry body brushing is very similar to regular exfoliation in the shower, although you do it when your skin is dry instead. It is best to brush your skin as soon as you wake up, starting from your feet upwards in slow strokes. Brush your stomach from right to left and the same for your chest – the aim is to brush towards the heart. Go back to upward strokes for your arms, and the same goes for your back. Brush each area thoroughly. It does mean investing a little more time but it really is beneficial. If done correctly you will feel as if you have had a whole body massage!
Where will I get my protein?
It's a tired old myth that only animal products contain protein. Fruits and vegetables contain both protein and amino acids that are easily absorbed when combined properly. Leafy greens are especially rich in protein. If it is something you can't stop worrying about, rest assured that 1-7 days is hardly long enough to cause any of type of deficiency. If you exercise a lot and prefer higher protein juices, there is the option to add plant based proteins to your juices (Hemp, Pea, Spirulina or Chlorella). Just let us know when you make your order. Our nut mylks are naturally higher in protein and fat so there is also the option to add single bottles to your cleanse order.
How much weight will I lose?
It isn't something we see as particularly important and you shouldn't see it as a fad diet. If someone feels lethargic from eating lots of fast food and a few days of juicing can help boost their energy levels then this is what should feel most rewarding. Weight loss is not something we advertise and although it is a likely part of a cleanse, it's more of an opportunity to add a large array of live vitamins and enzymes to your diet and experience the vitality that comes with it! We believe there is no point in 'detoxing' and then going back to a regular unhealthy diet, especially if you're likely to binge. Real weight loss comes when a whole lifestyle change is adopted. As a general rule though; the more weight you start out with, the more you will lose over a shorter period of time. Juice cleanses and drinking raw juice in general may help change unhealthy attitudes towards food; therefore promoting natural weight loss over time.
Can I exercise?
Listen to your body. Light exercise is acceptable but running many miles may be difficult. Some may prefer to take it easy by reading books and doing lots of yoga stretches. Whereas others may eat a healthy meal so they can still go to the gym. Do what feels right.
What do I do if I take prescription drugs?
Keep taking your medication! If anyone is taking medication for thyroid conditions please be aware that many of our juices contain raw cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale, spinach etc. Their phytonutrients can interfere with thyroid medication and can make thyroid conditions worst. Please speak to your GP about any other drug-food combinations you are best avoiding.
I have heard that fasting can mess up your metabolism. Will I put more weight on when I start eating again?
You are still consuming up to 1600 calories a day so it technically isn't a fast. As long as you don't finish your cleanse by binging on unhealthy processed foods you will be fine. When you come off your cleanse it's best to try and eat lots of fresh raw fruit and veg. It is also important to eat healthy on the days leading up to your cleanse.
Do I need to drink my juices in a special order?
It isn't mandatory. But our juices have been designed with a particular order in mind for specific reasons. This order will be highlighted in your thank you letter.
Anything else?
Please take the time to rest as this is so important on your quest to wellness. Enhance your detox by adding some essential oils or apple cider vinegar to your bath. And lastly, take good care of those fangs! Most of our juices contain some fruit or lemon so it's important to brush your teeth or even better, use a straw to prevent damage in the first place!
DISCLAIMER – This is not medical advice. We are not medical experts. Always contact your GP before starting a new health regime. Please read our labels carefully to ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

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