Benefits of a Juice Cleanse; What, Why and How?


A juice cleanse is when you replace all (or the bulk) of your meals with fresh fruit and vegetable juice and sometimes nut milks. The goal is to detoxify the body whilst nourishing your cells with living vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The word ‘living’ is used because all juices must be unpasteurised; this means all of the micro-nutrients are untouched and present in much higher quantities. Cold -pressed juice contains an even higher amount of micro-nutrients because they are completely unheated. Just drinking liquids gives your digestive system, liver, kidneys and gall bladder a break from processing toxins, fats and excess protein which feature heavily in most modern diets. Our bodies are constantly digesting food all day long; by giving it a break from this it can try to heal any problems such as skin or allergy issues. After a cleanse most people feel revived, clear-headed and able to sleep better.



In today’s world we can’t escape food. Although its first job is simply to fuel and nourish us, we are bombarded with images and adverts which tease us to the point of insanity. With so much temptation everywhere we look, the word ‘cleanse’ or ‘detox’ can either sound terrifying or refreshingly appealing.
However, the 'detox' has been used and abused by companies for years now. So we're not going to pretend our juice will 'detox' you of all health problems and make you superhuman. The concept of juice cleansing isn't trying to refute that our bodies have their own inbuilt detox system - the liver! It's merely acknowledging that sometimes our bodies need a break from our diets if they consist of a lot of processed foods, alcohol and caffeine. Alcohol and processed foods, especially meats and dairy, are harder for our bodies to digest and they naturally make our livers work harder. So this isn't about saying 'DETOX - YOU NEED TO!', it's just about giving your body a helping hand so it's better at doing what it's meant to be doing. Fresh, cold pressed juice is digested almost instantly and doesn't put any stress on your liver at all. The micronutrients and enzymes in the raw juice are naturally going to make you feel a lot healthier, but it's about skipping the usual diet mistakes and giving your body a chance to rebalance.  Hence a juice cleanse is more about what you're leaving out. You should feel de-bloated, lighter and generally more energetic. We're aware that there is a lot of scaremongering and empty words thrown about in regards to 'detoxing' so we want to be as authentic as possible and encourage people to do their own research. There are countless success stories in regards to fasting and it's not a new concept at all. Many people do extended juice fasts to lose weight and cure autoimmune diseases but the majority of people just want a ‘reboot’; they feel sluggish, tired and weighed down by modern day living. 


1) Educate – There are a lot of contrasting/bias studies and information out there, so study as much as you can and figure out if it's for you. Some inspiring documentaries to watch for motivation would be ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’, ‘Food Matters’, ‘Hungry For Change’, ‘Crazy Sexy Cancer’ and ‘Forks Over Knives’. The first two focus more on juicing and the last three are generally great eye openers. 

2) Prepare – Make sure you have room in your fridge and if you are going to be at work check there is fridge space there. Juices must always stay refrigerated! 48 hours prior to your cleanse try not to consume meat, dairy, alcohol or anything too heavy.

3) Choose – Many people choose to juice cleanse at home but it can be time consuming and messy. Preparing every juice and then cleaning up after can be frustrating. If you want us to do all the work for you click here to see what cleanses we offer.

4) Cleanse – Whether you do a juice only or juice/raw food cleanse is up to you. For first timers we suggest people have some meals of fruit, salads, nuts and soups to make it easier. Raw vegan food is digested in as little as 20 minutes, whereas meat and dairy takes up to 8 hours! By eating raw foods your digestive system is still working a little but not for long. Eating lots watermelon and avocados or generally a high fruit diet is a great addition to your cleanse. Remember to drink water and herbal teas in between. For tips and more juice cleansing FAQs please click here.

5) After – After your cleanse ease into solid foods slowly with the likes of soup and fruit. We don’t believe there is any point in doing a detox if you just binge again straight away so have a rough plan for after! There are so many great diets (or lifestyles) out there that people are thriving on; find out what makes you feel the best!