Benefits of Juicing & Doing A Juice Cleanse; What, Why and How?



The goal of juicing is simply to nourish your cells with living vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The word ‘living’ is used because all juices must be unpasteurised; this means all of the micro-nutrients are untouched and present in much higher quantities. Cold-pressed, unpasteurised juice contains an even higher amount of micro-nutrients because it is completely unheated and pressed on equipment that can squeeze every last drop out of the fruits and vegetables. A juice cleanse/fast is when you replace all (or most) of your meals with fresh fruit and vegetable juice and sometimes nut milks and smoothies. Just drinking liquids gives your digestive system, liver, kidneys and gall bladder a break from processing excess fats and protein which feature heavily in most modern diets. Our bodies are constantly digesting food all day long; by giving it a short break from this it can try to heal problems such as skin or allergy issues (the type of issues that can often flare up due to inflammatory diets). Just introducing a raw juice into your standard daily diet might be more than enough for some people and something we often recommend at first as this tends to be more sustainable. 



The word 'detox' has been used and abused by companies for years now - so much so that it now means very little to people other than being a marketing term. So we're not going to pretend our juice will 'detox' you of all health problems and make you superhuman. The concept of juicing and juice fasting isn't trying to refute that our bodies have their own inbuilt detox system - the liver! It's merely acknowledging that sometimes our bodies need a break from our diets if they consist of a lot of processed foods, alcohol and caffeine. Alcohol and processed foods, especially meat and dairy, are harder for our bodies to digest and they naturally make our livers work harder. Juicing is just about giving your body a helping hand so it's better at doing what it's meant to be doing. Fresh, cold pressed juice is digested almost instantly and puts very little to zero stress on your liver in comparison to other foods. The micronutrients in a leafy green juice are obviously going to make you feel a lot healthier, but it's also about leaving out the usual diet mishaps that can make us feel a bit sluggish.  Meaning a juice fast is also about what you're leaving out. We're aware that there is a lot of scaremongering and empty words thrown about in regards to 'detoxing' so we want to be as authentic as possible and encourage people to do their own research. There are countless success stories in regards to fasting and it's not a new concept at all. Many people do extended juice fasts to lose weight and cure autoimmune diseases but the majority of people just want a ‘reboot’; they feel sluggish, tired and weighed down by modern day living. Juicing more should generally help you de-bloat and feel more energetic.


Lots of people have juicers at home now so it's perfectly easy to prepare your own juices in the comfort of your own kitchen. Some people make three days worth of juices in advance whereas others make a fresh juice each time. At home juicers are also notoriously messy so it can be quite time consuming and this tends to be why people, if they can afford it, buy from juice companies (like ourselves) instead. Buying from a professional juice company also ensures your juices will be made on cold-press juice machines rather than home centrifugal juicers. It is very time consuming and a lot of expensive organic produce is used and this is why juice companies prices tend to be quite high.