2014 Commonwealth Games -Glasgow

Juice Warrior sponsorship Jedidiah Amoako-Ackah

In the past few months we have started to sponsor a wonderfully vibrant athlete named Jedidiah Amoako-Ackah - but you can call him Jeddie! He is a 23 year old sports therapy student who originates from Ghana but has resided in Glasgow for the last 13 years. Brave and motivated would be two words that begin to describe Jeddie but they don't quite do him justice. He is fairly new to the world of track cycling but has taken on the mighty challenge to represent Ghana in the Commonwealth Games this year. This is the first time Ghana will be competing in track cycling so it couldn't be more exciting! Inspired by the likes of Sir Chris Hoy and Gregory Bauge, he also wants to bring the sport of track cycling to Ghana.

Like us, Jeddie strongly believes nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are very important when it comes to improving sports performance and recovery. So we are happily plying him with the likes of wheatgrass shots and all athletes' favourite - beetroot juice (amen to those endurance boosting nitrates!)

Whilst Jeddie doesn't expect too many medals coming his way this year, he is using the Commonwealth Games as a way to assess his athletic development ahead of the Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games 2016. By this time he hopes to have assembled Ghana's first ever track cycling team. So not only is he representing his country for the first time, he also wants to be part of its growth and progression in the sports world. Jeddie's future career is bright and inspiring and we can't wait to watch his journey. His dreams and goals can be followed on his website www.iamjeddie.com as well as through his Facebook page iamjeddie