How to make your own turmeric supplements

Amidst the 2012-2016 Instagram ‘wellness’ craze you might have been talked into sneaking anti-inflammatory hero turmeric into basically everythin...

Amidst the 2012-2016 Instagram ‘wellness’ craze you might have been talked into sneaking anti-inflammatory hero turmeric into basically everything you ate or drank. From lattes to pancakes to smoothies, everyone seemed to be on a mission to consume as much turmeric as possible. In an attempt to be superhuman it’s very likely many of us got TURMERIC FATIGUE. Whether it’s still trendy or not in the health food world I am a turmeric latte fan. I love spicy foods and I love spicy drinks. If you’re a chai latte fan you’ll no doubt like turmeric lattes as similar spices are often used and you get that lovely warm feeling after. If, on the other hand, the mere thought of even a chai latte makes you feel sick it’s no wonder you probably don’t want to drink turmeric lattes. In fact I’d take a guess that most people don’t want to drink them. They stain your teeth, they don’t get you instantly pumped up in the same way coffee does and ultimately, you’re just too busy to be messing around making fancy superfood lattes. Plus, I bet you’re worried about looking pretentious.

BUT, this doesn’t mean we should abandon our fiercely coloured friend. I felt obliged to write this blog because during the week Dr Michael Greger of Nutrition Facts shared the photo below on Instagram. He wrote that “curcumin appears to play a role in helping to block every stage of cancer transformation, proliferation, and invasion. It may even help before carcinogens even get to our cells”. I think this alone is amazing enough to get us to fall in love with turmeric again.

Many spices are considered potent anti-oxidants but turmeric is generally accepted as one of the most anti-inflammatory things we can consume. Considering our modern world makes it all too easy for us to consume lots of inflammatory treats from alcohol to processed meats/carbs, it doesn’t seem like a crazy idea to try and include some anti-inflammatory ingredients when we can. But it’s all about making it easy and being realistic about what habits are likely to be adopted. It dawned on me recently there is no point in telling a meat and two veg 70 year old man to start drinking turmeric lattes. Why on earth would said man start drinking something they probably didn’t think tasted good and they couldn’t get at the café they normally go to with their friends. It's completely alien to them. On the other hand it’s really easy to take some supplements after your dinner every day. It is almost no effort at all. Enter the next problem, turmeric supplements are horrendously overpriced and normally stuffed full of filler ingredients. I mean £25 for 60 capsules overpriced, so no thanks!

This can be solved by simply making your own. It’s much cheaper, you know what you’re filling them with and you don’t need to try and drink turmeric lattes every day to reap the benefits of turmeric.


Things you’ll need:




It took around 2 cups of turmeric and 1/2 cup of black pepper to fill 500 capsules so if you can buy in bulk then do it because it works out much cheaper and you’ll have more ingredients for next time. Plus, 500 capsules is enough for up to a year so it works out WAY CHEAPER than going to Holland and Barrett and overpaying for a months supply.

All you need to do is mix the ingredients together and then fill up the capsules. I’m a bit of weirdo and didn’t mind spending two hours filling the capsules up myself by hand but if you’re like my sister and actually have a life you might be tempted to buy one of the capsule fillers like she did so it can do the job for you. If you do decide to fill up the capsules by hand there are YouTube videos to show you how but just be warned it does take a while – it’s kind of therapeutic though.

You can also just add pre-ground black pepper but I prefer to grind the peppercorns fresh in my food processor so the piperin is as active as possible (another perk to making these supplements yourself). In case you don’t already know why black pepper is added it is because it increases the absorption of curcumin by up to 2000%! I tend to mix ¼ cup to 1 cup of turmeric to make sure the ratio is quite high.

Finally, simply store your DIY supplements in a sterile, air tight container. I take 1-3 capsules after my dinner and I’m definitely consuming more turmeric now than before when I tried to consume it solely through my diet. So to conclude, sometimes old fashioned ideas are best and new aged lattes are never going to take off the way we want them to. Supplements are easy, more accessible, less time consuming and often cheaper if you do it yourself. I like to make these supplements for family and friends I think need them and now you can too 😊

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