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The average adult’s body contains around 100 trillion good and bad bacteria which mostly live in the gut. Good bacteria helps digest food, produce...

The average adult’s body contains around 100 trillion good and bad bacteria which mostly live in the gut. Good bacteria helps digest food, produce vitamins and protect against infections.

Bad bacteria essentially causes the opposite and can bring on the likes of colds, bacterial throat infections and diarrhoea. Thankfully, we have access to medicine such as anti-biotics that can kill infections caused by bad bacteria.

We are all aware of anti-biotics because we are prescribed them all the time. It’s the understatement of the century to say how lucky we are to live in a society where we can be prescribed something that kills viruses so effectively. Anti-biotics have saved millions of lives since their discovery and that should obviously never been downplayed. However, there is also evidence of an undeniable over prescription of anti-biotics. Plus if you eat meat and dairy, you can be sure you’re getting your daily dose (whether you like it or not!) there too as farm animals consume over half the world's antibiotics!

We are much less aware of probiotics, which some scientists are claiming can do the same job, or at least help in some cases, but in a much more harmonious way. Whilst not necessarily used for extreme conditions; they can be used for other gut-related probelms that don't require as high a dose of antibiotics. Anti-biotics aren't able to distinguish between good and bad bacteria so they can damage our gut health by killing good bacteria too. Probiotics, on the other hand, can boost gut health, so it comes as no surprise that people are taking an interest in using this more natural route where possible. More research is still needed but some experts are predicting that probiotics may be as widely prescribed by doctors as anti-biotics one day.

Anti-biotics aren’t the only things that can damage your gut. Long term food choices can have an impact on our bodies’ good and bad bacteria; processed foods and alcohol wreaking the most havoc.

When the balance between our good and bad bacteria is out of kilter for a length of time, a range of conditions and health problems can ensue. So before considering supplements it’s wise to make sure you’re eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and organic wholegrains as this will give you a head start. Eating lots of fruit, drinking lots of micro-nutrient rich juice and sticking to a mainly plant based diet can go a long way to improving your gut and digestive health without probiotics. However, probiotics do a great job of stimulating your immune system (60% of which resides in the gut) by fighting off bad bacteria which you may come in contact with unexpectedly. 

Most people already know that probiotics can help with digestion as well as rebalancing your gut flora but research is now showing that they may also help with allergies, common colds and flus, high cholesterol and vaginal infections.


Probiotics are considered safe for most people including individuals with impaired immune system but as with all supplements it’s recommended you speak with your doctor first.

You will find PROVIOTIC probiotic on our site as it is not only allergen free but also vegan (many probiotic supplements aren’t vegan as milk is used in the growth process). The bacteria from Proviotic is found on a snowdrop flower on the mountains of Bulgaria and is grown in carrot juice. Snowdrop flowers and mountains sounds like some sort of gimmicky fairytale but the reality is this probiotic has gone through rigorous scientific research at some of the most prestigious academic institutions in the United States. Their research shows that PROVIOTIC is able to outcompete some of the most pathogenic bacteria better than any other probiotic on the market.


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