How to make a macro bowl May 22 2015

You may have heard the term 'Macro bowl' being thrown around the internet alongside beautiful looking bowls of plant based goodness!

Macro bowls stem from Macro nutritional and macrobiotic ways of eating. I'm not one for following one particular diet as you know, but the idea of getting every macro nutrient you need in one meal is an appealing quality (think Carbs, fats and proteins, and probiotics!) The actual Macrobiotic movement, favoured by the likes of Tracey Anderson and Gwyneth Paltrow, involves a lot of vegetables, whole grains and pulses. It's essentially the complete opposite of the current trend for Paleo. But since it is National Vegetarian Week I thought it would be good to share with you my own spin on the Macro bowl that is the perfect versatile meal for you to throw together when you are short of time using pretty much anything you have in your fridge!

I sometimes call it the kitchen-raider dinner! 

For good balance each meal should be a rough combination of grains (or other carb), vegetables, protein and fermented foods.

I like to go for approximately

  • 40-60% vegetables -greens, squash, beetroot, onions and garlic - include some sprouts and herbs if you can too
  • 20 % grains/carb  - personally I use pseudo cereals like  Quinoa, buckwheat and millet or sweet potato. But you could use brown rice!
  • 10% protein - be this animal, eggs, dairy, bean or organic tempeh/tofu 
  • 5 % fermented foods for tummy health - miso, sauerkraut, yoghurt
  • 10% fats - avocado, tahini, olive oil, seeds and nuts

It's not an exact science, but remember the emphasis is on getting in every element that you need. So make sure you have something from every spectrum, not only will this keep you satiated but your body will also thank you for it!

Here are some examples of macro bowls I have thrown together in no time! The possibilities are endless, you will be hooked!