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Since starting Juice Warrior we knew switching to 100% local and organic produce was one of our main goals for the company. We believe in total tra...

Since starting Juice Warrior we knew switching to 100% local and organic produce was one of our main goals for the company.

We believe in total transparency for our customers and have always said we were working towards this. It wasn’t just something we were saying to please everyone and we are thrilled to now be working with a collection of local producers through Locavore.

Locavore is a Community Interest Company based in Strathbungo, where they have a not-for-profit organic and local food shop. They also run a variety of activities including creating an exemplar aquaponics system in the St Enoch Shopping Centre. Although they don’t have absolutely everything that we use at the moment, we hope to work with their farmers so they can grow anything we need in the New Year.

Daniel has worked for a fruit and veg wholesaler for the past 7 years, so it’s safe to say he’s knowledgeable in the area. Saying that, even though we eat and juice a lot of plants, organic isn’t always something we’ve strived to put first for ourselves so it’s exciting immersing ourselves in this new world. Being able to drive for 15 minutes and see where your kale is growing is super fun if you’re juice geeks like us (the above photos are from our recent trip to an organic farm in Neilston).

We were already using a mix of organic and ‘conventional’ produce in the Juice Warrior kitchen but we are now closer than ever to being 100% organic!

Organic or not, everything we’ve ever juiced is thoroughly soaked and washed in a non-toxic formula. Cleaning your produce properly is obviously so important when you’re making raw, cold-pressed juice because no pasteurisation takes place.

What I’m finding even more exciting than the organic aspect, is how local the produce is. The beetroot is so firm and crunchy! I feel like I’ve never had a proper beetroot before now. The difference in taste, freshness and texture is insane! It makes you think about how long fresh produce can travel/sit in a shop before you actually consume it, and this is why local tastes so much better. Our new kale is from as close as Neilston, our carrots are from East Lothian and the beetroot is from North Berwick. Not only does local taste better, but the nutritional content is naturally going to be much higher because it’s fresh out of the ground. In turn this makes our juices even more nourishing so you can see why it’s so appealing to us. In our juice ‘Blood Pact’ alone, we press 500g carrots, 1 ½ beetroot, 250g celery and ½ lemon so you can imagine how nutrient dense a local juice is.

Although the taste and quality is miles superior, we are also happy to be buying produce that we know is better for the environment. Not only will we be using these local farms’ wonderful fruits and veggies but we’ll be giving them our waste pulp which they can put back into the ground to use as compost. Healthy soil = healthy veg!


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