Winter Wellness October 30 2014

As winter draws in, the temptation to snuggle up in front of the television and devour a tin of those addictive little chocolates, with such inviting shiny wrappers, becomes ever stronger. And the prospect of sitting down to a plate of cold salad after a day in the snow is somewhat dismal.

Cold foods just don’t have quite the appeal they did when the sun was shining. But who says that salads have to be cold, or that raw foods can’t be warming? Many ingredients can mimic the affect of warmth - like ginger, chilli and turmeric. Spices are great for invigorating your internal fire - which is why such ingredients can do wonders for the digestion. Everyone waxes lyrical about starting your day with a cup of warm water and fresh lemon - and that's because it works! It kicks starts your digestive juices, it detoxifies the liver by alkalising the body, hydrates you after sleep and this gives you natural energy - you can’t say that about coffee!! Even drinking a small cup of warm water around 20 minutes before a meal (even better with a tsp of raw apple cider vinegar) will help you to better digest whatever you are about to eat. Particularly helpful if the meal contains a lot of cooling or raw foods like raw vegetables or fruits. If we live in cool climates we can find it hard to digest cold raw foods all the time - as we fail to heat our systems up appropriately. If you are a yogi like me, eating a light and fresh meal like a salad after class is welcome, because you have warmed up your organs through vinyasas (or heat in the room if it is hot yoga) Yoga also helps the organs to detoxify and cleanse itself of built up toxins, so it is then able to absorb all the nutrients from whatever you next feed it.

Another amazing thing about vegetables and fruit, apart from vitamins, minerals and energy? They are extremely hydrating!

Most of us do not drink enough water, and when we fail to drink enough water our body suffers. Even woken up and looked in the mirror and felt grey, had dry skin or blood shot eyes? Before thinking you need a holiday, or even worse - a sugar hit, go and drink a large glass of water. You don’t need to gulp it, just sip it continuously. After four of these throughout the day (on top of the rest of your regular fluid and food intake) you will feel much more awake, your head won’t hurt as much and your digestion will also thank you! When we fail to consume enough vegetables, fruit and fluid our organs suffer. Most noticeably our skin, the largest organ we have, so to keep it looking and feeling its best we have to feed it like we do our stomach!

If you find it difficult to consume adequate amounts of fluids on top of what you eat in a day, or just don’t enjoy drinking water, it might be a thought to kick start your skin regime by undertaking a fresh cold pressed juice cleanse to not just invigorate the skin, but also red-boot your system and add a little glow that you deserve to have! The Juice Warrior Cleopatra cleanse package has been carefully designed to provide your body and skin with a highly hydrating mix of fresh vegetables and fruits that contain beta-carotene, silica and potassium which all help to give your skin that hydrated ‘dewy’ look. 5 gorgeous Norwalk pressed juices and one bottle of their creamy 'Vanilla Dream’ almond milk to ensure that you are consuming efficient amounts of good fats. Containing just fresh sprouted almonds, filtered water, vanilla pod, Himalayan salt and sweetened with medjool dates. The vanilla will do wonders to warm and comfort the body, but there is nothing stopping you heating up the milk very slightly in a pan and drinking as a soothing and comforting bedtime beverage - just take care not to boil it and destroy its goodness. There are also two detox teas included, on top of your hot lemon water, and Wheatgrass and chlorella ‘shots’ which give a little much needed boost of superfood energy!

Does the prospect of surviving solely on all this liquid have you wanting to run to the bathroom already?

The juices last 4 days so can be spread over a couple of days, to ensure you are getting the benefits from raw pressed juices, but not having to give up food! Although, giving your body a break from having to digest foods, for just one day can be a great way to re-set an over-taxed body! Surely that tin of chocolates doesn't sound so appealing any more?