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  I’m starting this blog just as we start to settle into our shiny new kitchen. Whilst it’s the start of many new things for us, we have actually...


I’m starting this blog just as we start to settle into our shiny new kitchen. Whilst it’s the start of many new things for us, we have actually been working on Juice Warrior since April last year.

This time a couple of months ago, we were juicing away in my mother’s kitchen using what seemed like an industrial sized juicing beast in a very small kitchen! We were constantly worried about the neighbours below complaining and, because of this, every shift had a mild sense of panic attached to it. Now that we’re working in a spacious 1000 square ft. kitchen, our juicer seems appropriately sized and quiet and every order is a delight to press!

Up until now, we’ve had a fair few challenges.

We may be immersed and clued up in the world of juicing but business was completely new to us. Just like any young entrepreneurs starting out, it was overwhelming trying to understand the start-up and day to day running of a new business. Unsurprisingly, most challenges have been in the shape of money. For every fee you pay, another seems to follow, and we had to accept early on that, in order to make business work, you definitely have to spend a bit of money. The only problem was that neither of us had much... But, luckily, this is where Princes Trust came in. We initially secured a small ‘Will It Work’ loan (which lasted less than 10 minutes!) but we were eventually granted a larger start-up loan, and this has proved invaluable in helping us move so quickly. I should add: that loan hasn’t lasted long either... But hey, stainless steel for kitchens doesn’t come cheap!

We are finally stocking our first shop (Roots, Fruits & Flowers), giving us a different avenue to sell through other than Farmer’s markets and juice cleanses. We are in the process of talking to other Glasgow cafes, shops and yoga studios and we can’t wait until we can make our juice more easily accessible for you all! Everyone who is serious about health can see how much cold-press juices are taking off in the likes of London - plus, they’ve been popular in America for what seems like forever -but we’re still a little behind in Scotland. It’s easy to dismiss it as a ‘fad’ that will die out, but anyone who is into juicing knows it’s not something that you do a few times and forget about. This is because you feel instantly more energised and healthy. For this reason, we know it will be just as big here soon and we are so passionate about being at the forefront of that.

I originally tried to start Juice Warrior with my younger sister. Luckily for me, she is very screwed on in the world of business and gave me so many useful pointers.

She is so screwed on in fact, that she was offered a massive job in England last year. Once Sara left, I immediately thought, “This isn’t going to happen”. She was like my own personal Mr. Motivator (without the jazzy spandex) and my energy would constantly yo-yo without her. I like someone to bounce ideas off of and I feel it makes the whole experience much more exciting. So it wasn’t long before I asked my boyfriend if he would stop working full-time and join me. We’ve known each other since we were 13 so we’re pretty in sync and I knew we’d work well together too. Plus, we have very similar ideas about health and lifestyle choices (although, he is maybe not as nuts as me!)

I was, and still am, one of those people who are obsessed with health to the point that I want to know the benefits or dangers of every food I eat.  Crazy, obsessive, passionate - whatever you may call it, I am constantly googling and studying books about diet and food, and it is a hobby that I am now trying to make a career out of. We still 100% believe in treating ourselves whenever the hell we want but we never cease to be amazed at how exciting and rewarding a healthy lifestyle can be. I definitely feel like we’re at the point where people are becoming much more aware of what they put into their bodies and this is why I believe Juice Warrior will work so well. People are getting fed up with ingredients they can’t pronounce and products that have added sugar and a list of numbers. It may mean changing our taste buds or trying things that initially freak us out, but like us, there are new companies being formed every day that are truthful and transparent. So “hear, hear!” to a healthy future!

I plan on updating this blog at least once a month. So keep looking out for deals, discounts, videos, juicing and health tips and some more information about us and our journey! In the mean time, enjoy the video above showing our cold press juicing process. 


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