Meet the cleanses!

Our full veggie and natural fruit sweetened juices mean there's a cleanse for everyone.

Original Cleanse

From £60.00
Our Juice Warrior Original cleanse is a light, sweeter selection for raw juice lovers who prefer a splash of fruit with their veggies. This cleanse normalises digestion and helps regulate...

Green Cleanse

From £60.00
Our most intense cleanse, the greens will alkalise your body and provide you with the endless amounts of fresh goodness. If you are an experienced juicer or you are seeking...

Build Your Own Cleanse

From £60.00
We all have differing tastes. The BYO option allows you to create a juice cleanse of your choice. If you know what ingredients your body loves the most or you...


Plant-Based & Powerful Nutrition
Certified Organic & Vegan

A well-balanced plant-fuelled diet can provide numerous health benefits, including reducing risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cognitive decline. Feel better inside and out.


Press the Reset Button on your health & wellness!
Rest, Reset, Rejuvenate

A juice cleanse allows your body to take a break from normal eating and provides your system a chance to rest and reboot. Bring back the balance, break old habits, create new routines and embrace a healthier lifestyle.


Load up on Vitamins, Minerals & Enzymes
Your daily health boost!

There’s no easier way to ensure you’re getting your recommended 5-a-day. A juice cleanse will flood your body with loads of vitamins, minerals and enzymes from all the nutrient dense fruits, vegetables and nuts you will consume.

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