Our Philosophy

Juice Warrior is run by a Glaswegian couple who decided to turn their daily health ritual into a career. They understand that people are becoming increasingly aware of the food they eat and what effect it has on their bodies. With this in mind, they established Glasgow's first RAW, COLD-PRESSED JUICE company, as an easy way for people to integrate plant-based nutrition into a busy life. Juice Warrior trades at farmer’s markets and also delivers fresh juice packs and cleanses to your home or workplace all over the UK.

Our juices are always raw and 100% cold-pressed

We never further process, pasteurise or add any unnecessary nasties like colourings or artificial flavourings. WE DON'T USE HPP or any other procedures that extend shelf life. FRESH juice isn't meant to last!

We understand that life is for living and enjoying what you love. Nobody does this better than the UK, of course! However, in this hectic world it is still wise to take care of your body as much as possible. If consuming a bottle of juice every day makes getting your RDA of VITAMINS and MINERALS easier, then why not?